Why Coaching

Stacey Watkins-Griffith, D.Min.

A friend asked recently, "Why coaching when you are a licensed therapist? What's the difference?"

The "why" of the question originates with a sense of call. About two years ago, coaching came onto my radar in a serious way. Over the next couple of years, I would read about it and do research, only to conclude that I didn't have time to develop a coaching ministry. However, coaching kept coming back up. Over time, I began to wonder if God was calling me into the coaching ministry. Last summer, I discerned that God was leading me to enroll in the coursework and vocational formation as a coach. In October, I began the Coaching4Clergy training program in order to complete the educational requirements and vocational training to become a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I will continue the training program throughout the spring.

In regards to the "what" of coaching, there is significant overlap with the ministry of pastoral counseling. There are also differences in approach and focus. While I believe that there has been some informal coaching in my work with clients on issues related to leadership and vocation all along, this training provides an additional skill set and a specific approach to empower leaders on a path of self discovery.

As a pastoral counselor and as a coach, I create space for people to heal and to grow. The focus of therapeutic process and the coaching relationship may be different, yet there is overlap as each provides a confidential, safe place for growth. If you would like more information about pastoral counseling or would like schedule a complimentary coaching session, please email Dr. Stacey Watkins-Griffith.

Mission Statement

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